Delivering dilapidation projects has historically been cumbersome, time consuming and expensive. The paper-based process that has traditionally been implemented is a huge cost and time burden to projects, and frequently delays commencement.

When looking at the risks that poor dilapidation practices place on a project, the current methods do not go far enough to ensure that the lead contractors will not face significant cost blow outs from effected members of public who claim damage caused over a projects duration.

The way forward is through technology.

Pre-project dilapidation assessments are always going to require manual intervention from the perspective of the inspection. But every element of the process to leading up to and then after the inspection is rapidly improved with the implementation of technology.

Three vital elements see the most benefit:

  • Community Liaison
  • Accurate Asset Reporting
  • Financial Risk Mitigation


McDonald Surveys leverage their proprietary cloud software solution, Inspective™, developed to leverage a unique dilapidation surveying methodology and achieve low cost, high value outcomes for clients.

  1. Community Liaison

An informative ‘website’ dedicated to the public communication of the project and its progress, impacts, etc. One of the critical aspects of successful project execution is the management of the community database. During the early stages of every project investing significant time and diligence into validating this data, effectively confirming the projects “single source of truth”. Every project activity is cumulatively stored within Inspective™ to build a validated information repository, from which accurate reporting can be extrapolated.

  1. Accurate Asset Reporting

A combination of data recording, visual evidence and recording, measurement and records etc. all integrated into the Inspective™ software platform.

  1. Financial Risk Mitigation

By adopting the processes and technology on offer throughout the Dilapidation service delivery, the outcome is often credited with assisting to mitigate certain financial risks by reducing future claims. This is another important consideration within any given project.

If you are interested in understanding how Inspective™ can assist you with more visibility and protection throughout your dilapidation surveying contact us today via ur Enquiry Form on this website.

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