In the past, managing dialpidation projects has been cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. McDonald Surveys have developed and adopted best-in-class systems to offer an unparalleled solution.

One of the centrepieces of our solution is Inspective™; our proprietary cloud software solution. Inspective™ was developed to leverage our dilapidation surveying methodology and achieve low-cost, high-value outcomes for our clients.

Inspective Software

Inspective™ is the result of decades of firsthand experience on projects, including residents and developers, to ensure optimum project delivery. Inspective’s primarily incorporates easy management for community liason, accurate asset reporting and financial risk mitigation to deliver projects in the most effective manner possible. Inspective was designed to mitigate your risk. Our success through the utilisation of Inspective has led to McDonald Surveys being nominated for a Property Council Australia Innovation Award.





With the use of Inspective™, our clients benefit from:

  1. Community Liaison

An informative ‘website’ dedicated to the public communication of the project and it’s progress, impacts, etc. One of the critical aspects of successful project execution is the management of the community database. During the early stages of every project we invest significant time and diligence into validating this data, effectively confirming the projects “single source of truth”. Every project activity is cumulatively stored within Inspective™ to build a validated information repository, from which accurate reporting can be extrapolated.

  1. Accurate Asset Reporting

A combination of data recording, visual evidence and recording, measurement and records etc, all integrated into the Inspective software platform.

  1. Financial Risk Mitigation

By adopting the processes and technology on offer throughout the Dilapidation service delivery, we are often credited with assisting to mitigate certain financial risks. This is another important consideration within any given project.

Investment in technology is at the forefront of increasing value for our clients on every project.

Inspective™; our proprietary cloud software solution, developed to leverage our dilapidation surveying methodology and achieve low cost, high value outcomes for our clients.us”

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