We are committed to the health and well being of clients, staff, contractors and the general public. We are always:

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle for employees;
  • Promoting and acting upon the principles of the fatigue management procedures ;
  • Following a stringent drug and alcohol policy to eliminate doubt as to employees fitness for work;
  • Providing confidential support to any Employee who requires assistance in dealing with any type of substance abuse;
  • Following a documented injury management program for injured employees;
  • Researching all chemical products that may be utilised to ensure protection;
  • Providing PPE and system controls for protection of employees from harmful exposure.

We are committed to the safety of clients, staff, contractors and the general public and we are constantly focused on:

  • Ensuring all hazards are identified, assessed for level of risk and managed;
  • Ensuring that all employees are provided an opportunity to participate in the development of safe work practices;
  • Ensuring that all employees are educated and managed to follow safe work practices;
  • Ensuring that all accidents and incidents are recorded, investigated and analysed to develop effective and preventative strategies;
  • Implementing process improvement strategies to achieve zero harm;
  • Monitoring our HSEMS system by auditing, analysing and improving practices to strive to achieve zero harm;
  • Promoting a no-blame safety awareness culture to encourage the reporting of hazards, incidents and injuries;
  • Providing a safe work environment free of all forms of bullying, harassment and discrimination.

Not only do we care about health and safety, but we also take part in programs such as Mates in Construction to support the mental health of our staff and contractors. You can find out more about that here.

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