Our rail expertise is broad and is based on over 25 years’ experience in delivering successful rail surveying, rail maintenance and technical engineering projects internationally.

The Company’s rail surveying expertise can be broken down into the following areas:

  • Control Network
  • Measurement For Design and Maintenance
  • Track & Turnout Build & Renewals
  • Compliance & Practical Completion

MSI was the first engineering surveying company to introduce the GEDO Vorsys with GEDO Office Suite to Australia for the purposes of Rail Surveying. This came about as a response to clients’ need for a more efficient and technologically appropriate system.

The Trimble Dual Trolley Gedo Vorsys System enables us to measure rail assets with greater accuracy and speed, enhancing project delivery with comprehensive data. This includes the outputting of track measurement data at 0.5 meter intervals, recording cant, gauge and top of rail and ultimately producing highly accurate data sets for Absolute Position of Rail and Relative Track Geometry.

Our combination of people, processes and technology supports detailed external design for projects such as; rail realignment, re-sleepering, turnout refurbishment, track renewals and new construction. Our clients also benefit from;

  • reduced possession times
  • improved possession forward-planning
  • greater compliance
  • smooth rail alignment
  • comprehensive management reporting

Critical rail sections require ‘right-first-time’ build, maintenance and upgrades, with a need for quick turnaround under high pressure. Our established record of optimising new construction processes ensures completion within shutdown times, during track renewal operations.

Core Service Highlights Include:

Senior Rail Engineering Surveyors

> Minimum 500 shutdown hours completed in the last 2-3 years

> Control network establishment, rail design analysis and solution


> Fully proficient in tamping support, mainline & turnout

installation, rail set out & as-built & machine control support &


Rail Engineering Surveyors

> Minimum 200 shutdown hours completed in the last 2-3 years

> Fully proficient in tamping support, mainline & turnout

installation, rail set out & as-built & machine control support &


Rail Survey Technicians

> Minimum 200 shutdown hours completed in the last 2-3 years

> Turnout construction & installation & rail set out & as-built

Throughout, safety is paramount. All projects are planned and executed with safety considerations and industry legislative practices at the core.


Keeping track of rail movement during works is just one of a number of critical factors where our expertise is brought into play to assist clients.

We can advise and execute rail monitoring programmes for projects of varying types, often overcoming complex issues to provide smart solutions in this area of activity.


For rail projects undertaken both regionally and in metro areas, all operations are conducted within the framework of both federal and state safety laws. In particular the emphasis is on abiding by the Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984, Rail Safety Act 2010 (WA) and Rail Safety Regulations 2011 (WA). In addition, safety compliance covers requirements set out by clients and primary contractors on a project by project basis.

All staff deployed on projects carry the requisite accreditations for safety as governed by the client, primary contractor or regulatory body.


We provide true digital rail engineering solutions; optimising future maintenance and construction projects through Rail Measurement, Track Design Optimisation, Smart Data, and accomplished Track Works.

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