The surveying sector is not often placed in the ‘innovative’ category, despite the often-complex technology that’s involved. This might be attributed to a myriad of causes: tradition, lack of implementation and capability, as well as a separation between the surveying sector and the ‘tech’ sector.

We want to change that – and so we’re transforming the way we survey to push the surveying sector towards a digital future.

Where does the technology come in?

Surveying is a necessary, and incredibly important, part of any construction project. Projects do not exist siloed from the rest of the world – they are often integrated with and affected by (and in turn affect) the world around them. This means that, when constructing road, rail or built environments, we need to consider more than merely the project itself.

There are technologies to make this easier. At McDonald Surveys, we use a myriad of these, one of which is the use of Trimble Dual Trolley Gedo Vorsys System for rail projects. The Trolley System allows us to measure rail assets with much greater accuracy and speed. We have also created our proprietary management platform, Inspective, through which we record surveying information, pre- and post-construction, to ensure traceability of projects.

Utilising new technologies in business

Have you considered the role Virtual Reality could play in surveying? We have – and that’s why we use a combination of technologies including 3D terrestrial point cloud scanning and spherical imaging to create 3D VR As-Built models. These allow clients to experience As-Built models on a palpable, realistic level, as opposed to merely on paper.

We believe in constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries, which is why we’re implementing these new technologies that are tried and tested to ensure that your projects run smoothly.

The push for innovation is more than just wanting to be ‘the best.’ It’s about delivering the best possible project results for clients, with unmatchable optimization, speed and efficiency. McDonald Surveys is a company inherently founded on the happiness of its clients through hard work and team cohesion. That’s why we push to always work better and smarter.

You can find out more about Inspective here or contact us with any inquiries here.


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