Companies deal with a variety of risks. Some of these can be ‘independent of’ or ‘associated with’ their core business. Dilapidation surveys, by their nature, must identify risks and record them – and action them as necessary. In this way, when surveying is carried out in a comprehensive manner, it faces and deals with risks as necessary.

Our proprietary cloud software platform, Inspective, is ideal for risk mitigation through comprehensive tracking, recording and 2D photographic technology. But how, exactly, does the software mitigate risk for companies? And is it something that could help your company?

The risk of doing business

Construction works carry great financial, health and safety risk. Effective dilapidation surveys associated with such works provide a robust and formal process for the recording of building data and information, limiting disruption and disagreements post-project.

Pre-project surveys record specific areas of potential future and present risks. Post-surveys, on the other hand, record any change of state or any immediate risks after construction.  By recording and reporting any differences in pre and post inspections, clarity is provided to all parties in order to support an agreeable outcome.

Inspective is ideal for pre and post surveys because it compiles, records and stores all data and evidence in one centralized place. It’s a complete management system that encompasses the entire survey process.

Inspective targets three areas: community liaison, accurate asset reporting and financial risk mitigation. Financial risk mitigation is where it particularly excels. This allows companies to demonstrate to the public their responsible policies and works and avoid unnecessary financial loss.

How does Inspective do this?

Inspective provides a validated information repository through which companies can access their data and track pre and post project conditions. It provides a single source of truth that can be highly trusted, as it builds and maintains a variety of different forms of evidence.

Correctly enacting dilapidation surveys is incredibly important for the sustainability of the project. It ensures that the client does not face financial risk in the long term and protects them legally. Inspective ensures that surveys are performed correctly first time, and are easily accessible and traceable.

Interested in reading more about Inspective? Find out more here. You can also contact us with any opportunities or queries here.

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