Rail surveying requires constant improvement and implementation of new technologies to ensure the safety and efficiency of the rail system.

McDonald Surveys worked on a project with Laing o’Rourke to construct the train station platform at the new Optus Stadium in Perth.

Here’s how the Trimble GEDO Vorsys Suite (combined with 3D scanning) ensured the project’s success.

The GEDO Vorsys Suite: what makes it different?

The Trimble GEDO Vorsys Suite incorporates the GEDO Scan system and Trimble twin trolley to efficiently scan railway. The GEDO Vorsys Scan system ensures that high quality 3D point cloud data is collected, and can be interrogated and utilise by numerous client departments.

The McDonald Surveys team have over five years’ experience with the GEDO hardware, and use it often to assist on rail projects and ensure that the optimal level of work and efficiency is delivered.

Rail surveying involves a myriad of calculations and measurements, and these measurements must be exact to ensure the success and safety of the extension or redevelopment. By using the Trimble GEDO Dual Trolley System, we reduced the necessity of rail tamping for measurements.

McDonald Surveys carried out a full terrestrial 3D point cloud scan of the entire site. This included the station, rail corridor, existing platforms, car parks as well as the Transport Authority building.

Where’s the benefit?

By using GEDO Scan technology as well as creating 3D models, we could provide final documentation of absolute existing track location including rails and geometry, gauge and cant.

Utilising advanced rail technology ensured that the rail extension was safe, smooth and ultimately efficient, across thousands of kilometres of rail.

Many surveyors use traditional and antiquated technologies, and this prevents companies – both client and surveyors – from reaching their full potential on projects. New technologies will change the face of rail surveying, and will succeed hand-in-hand with experienced and genuine professionals. That’s where we excel.

At McDonald Surveys, we are passionate about digital transformation, and have even created our own software, Inspective, to help surveying documentation and recording. You can find out more about Inspective here or contact us with an inquiry here.

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