As the surveying industry matures, dilapidation surveys are undergoing transformation throughout rail, building and road construction. If conducted poorly, these surveys can massively impact projects both in the short and long term. Therefore, it’s vital that we transform and adapt as industry and technology demands it.

Here’s three ways you can make your dilapidation surveys more effective, save costs and ensure long-term safety throughout your project.

1. Ensure you’re using the right tech.

Historically, dilapidation surveys have been performed manually. McDonald Surveys has moved to using innovative technology to make the process more efficient. Technologies such as Virtual Reality and cloud-based software are becoming more and more popular in the surveying sector.

McDonald Surveys has built a platform, Inspective, to assist with recording and data tracking in dilapidation surveys. We want to lead the industry in innovation – not merely follow.

2. Use a trusted company.

When choosing a surveying company for your project, ensure that they have the right experience, qualifications and a strong reputation. McDonald Surveys boasts years of experience worldwide, delivering a variety of surveying specialities. We have experience in rail, road, and the built environment.

There are a myriad of elements that affect construction projects and must be assessed, such as water overflow, vibration, movement, loose site debris and any potential change to adjoining surfaces or features. This is why it’s an absolute necessity to hire surveying professionals with experience in a variety of different projects.

3. Implement surveying advice.

Dilapidation surveys may find issues or risks. Enacting efficient dilapidation surveys ensures that project owners are aware of all risks, any potential future issues, and can implement advice from the surveyors. As a result, the project runs as smoothly as possible and avoids large cost overruns.

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