For companies who are undertaking major projects, there are emerging surveying technologies that provide the ability to visualize projects pre, during and post-construction. These technologies are especially useful for retail outlets, heritage sites, and commercial infrastructure and can be used in road, rail or the Built Environment.

Incorporating innovative tech such as Virtual Reality and 3D Modelling will effectively streamline and optimize projects, both during and after.

How does it work?

At McDonald Surveys, we underpin our Building Information Modelling (BiM) services with smart cloud technology. Essentially, a 3D model is created to provide insight into the architecture and construction of a future project. It allows surveying professionals to effectively plan for future possibilities.

We do this through a combination of in-house technology and third-party software.

These As-Built surveys allow surveyors or project owners to compare plans against construction. Through smart technology this can be made an easier, and more streamlined, process. This particularly excels in the rail sector: where we integrate rail infrastructure data, captured with the use of a variety of tech, to create 3D visuals/models, with the associated documentation, for customers’ ease of use.

VR As-Built Modelling

Virtual Reality As-Built Modelling is demonstrative of McDonald Surveys’ passion for pushing the boundaries of client satisfaction. As a company founded on encouraging innovation and improving efficiency, new technologies allow us to streamline surveying processes and bring positive change to the surveying sector.

Our VR As-Built Modelling allows companies to view their projects as a model. We create these models through 3D terrestrial point cloud scanning, spherical imaging, unmanned autonomous vehicles, and ground-penetrating radar, before allowing them to visualize their project through an online virtual tour platform.

We take a combined technology approach across pre-construction, building and post-construction to ensure that a project runs smoothly. This allows us to deliver outcomes that are aligned to public and private sector BIM legislation, while also enabling easier collaboration between surveyors and stakeholders during these projects. This also provides assurance to both parties that data and information is securely stored, managed and accessible for future reference.

BiM, at its core, is changing the way we build and maintain projects. You can read more about our built environment work here or contact us to find out more here.



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