Integrating data, obtained from individual rail infrastructure assets, into the world of digital imagery can be a complex process. Fortunately, transformative digital engineering sits at the core of McDonald Surveys’ services, and we deliver excellent insights through 3D visualisations.  

3D Modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM) are major components within successful projects that we deliver to our clients across WA. Here’s how.

Making rail 3D

A blend of innovative technologies allow us to create 3D visuals of rail infrastructure and rail assets. These visuals are provided to our clients and provides them with a more comprehensive and immersive view of their rail system; helping them to visualise any future development and to help compile their own new or revised plans.

We utilise the Trimble Dual Trolley Gedo Vorsys System, which allows us to measure rail assets with accuracy and speed and produce 3D point clouds with defined coordinate information. This means that we can collect a comprehensive array of data associated with each rail asset and the surrounding features, within any given operational rail environment.

These 3D point clouds provide intricate and accurate 3D models of tunnels, stations and more, through what’s called the ‘Helical Scanning Mode’. In turn, this layer of comprehensive data, better supports project decisions and construction.

How 3D modelling improves rail surveys

Traditionally, rail surveys have been executed with limited digital resources. The rail surveying industry is, however, changing and becoming more streamlined, as we rely more on smart technology to deliver efficient and in-depth surveys.

McDonald Surveys is putting itself at the head of the digital movement in rail surveying. We implement smart software and hardware that simply makes our clients projects more streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective by comparison with others.

3D modelling enables us to deliver insights that traditional tech would not. When using the Trimble Gedo CE Suite, we can input data at 0.5-meter intervals to provide highly accurate data sets. This application of 3D modelling supports rail realignment, re-sleepering, turnout refurbishment, track renewals and new construction alike.

One further significant benefit in adopting these technologies is that it enables clients to see potential issues with a design before it’s constructed, which can prevent massive money and time losses. To us, this is all about smart use of available skills and technology to achieve good commercial and safety outcomes.

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