Our economies depend on rail, and yet many don’t understand the vital importance of rail surveys for the health of a rail system. Comprehensive surveys are a necessity to ensure the safety and longevity of rail, and digital transformation is a key part of this.

However, there’s a noticeable lack of new technology in the surveying sector. McDonald Surveys want to change that. Here’s three major technologies we’re using to transform rail surveying.

Trimble Gedo Vorsys System

McDonald Surveys were the first to introduce the Gedo Vorsys with Gedo Office Suite to Australia for rail surveying.

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Fast and accurate track measurements are a necessity for efficient rail surveys. The Gedo Vorsys System incorporates the Trimble Dual Trolley which allows us to measure rail assets with greater accuracy and speed.

The trolley system also uses Trimble Gedo CE, which is a suite of tools capable of outputting track measurement data at 0.5-meter intervals. This ensures that data tracked is accurate.


In rail surveying, data is an asset, and yet many companies lack the ability to reliably track their data. Our proprietary software, Inspective, is the result of decades of first-hand surveying experience. It incorporates stakeholder liaison, accurate asset reporting and financial risk mitigation into one centralised platform.

Inspective suits the pre- and post- surveying process as it compiles, records and stores data and evidence in one place. Inspective’s value is in its ability to ensure that projects move faster and more efficiently.

3D Modelling and BiM in Rail

3D visualization of a project streamlines the construction and planning process. Integrating data about an item of rail into the visualised world allows clients to comprehensively view the project and identify any potential inefficiencies or changes.

We capture data through a variety of hardware and use this data to create 3D models, which customers can use in their revised plans.

We streamline the process of constructing and maintaining rail infrastructure through the integration of digital data with the visualised world in Building Information Modelling.

Considering the immense importance of rail surveying, the industry lacks a strong push towards digital transformation. Technology allows us to easily visualise and streamline projects, and is cost and time efficient for both surveyors and project owners, ensuring that the future of surveying is a cost effective, efficient and successful one.

To find out more about how McDonald Surveys is changing the surveying sector, click here. Want to get in contact regarding a surveying or digital engineering project? You can contact us at enquiries@wordpress-444347-2740929.cloudwaysapps.com or through our contact form here.

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