Roslyn O'Connor

For the past six years, our very own Manager, Dilapidation Services – Roslyn (Ros) O’Connor has been kicking goals left, right and center personally and professionally. 

On the home front, Ros has been raising her small family, building a new house and completing her studies to achieve a Bachelor in Business Administration. 

Then, at the McDonald Surveys’ arena, Ros has taken over the management of our growing and in-demand Dilapidation Services which has involved building up her team, consolidating client relationships and developing our innovative and proprietary software – Inspective

Ros began her career at McDonald Surveys by assisting our CEO, Sally Ann, to develop our dilapidation surveying services. Now, Ros researches new business, designs client projects with Inspective and delivers a variety of projects throughout the Perth metro region. 

We go behind the scenes with Ros to find out more about how she juggles all her commitments, what has been the highlight of her time at McDonald Surveys and what future projects she’s excited about. 

McDonald Surveys: Can you start by letting us know how you got into surveying and especially Dilapidation Services at McDonald Surveys?


Ros: I started with McDonald Surveys 6 years ago as the company started developing this element of the business, this was a combination of a lot of strengths and previous experience in customer service and administration. Looking at the process from a non-surveying background and finding new efficiencies with the support of a fantastic employer along with a great group of colleagues.

McDonald Surveys: What have been some of your most memorable achievements or projects in managing and overseeing the Dilapidation Services at McDonald Surveys? And why?


Ros: Winning our first large infrastructure project along and getting our software up and running successfully after thousands of hours of hard work. I always love to see repeat business, people contacting us even when they are no longer working at the same company to avail of our services. This reinforces to me that the hard work and quality of service is working.

McDonald Surveys: What excites you about the next four years at McDonald Surveys? 


Ros: Developing the software and potentially licensing it as a product, being consistently there for our client, developing new solutions in an ever growing infrastructure and building market.

McDonald Surveys: Lastly, the Dilapidation Services team are known for a 92% condition survey completion rate on projects spanning thousands of assets! It’s a big achievement. What are some of the factors you and your team have led/implemented to achieve this?


Ros: Being proactive with our clients and homeowners to get the dilapidation services information across in a transparent way.  Working together with a high standard of quality across the process from initial contact, booking, survey, reporting and Implementing the software that all end users can feel safe in the knowledge that they are protected.

McDonald Surveys: What tips or advice do you have for others who are looking to manage many commitments – full time career, studying, looking after a growing family and more? 


Ros: Don’t be afraid to ask for help and to receive it. Sometimes we feel like we should be able to do it all, but as they say it takes a community to raise a child, a family, to go for your dreams. I am very lucky and am thankful to have the support of my husband who have all been there throughout every good and challenging times we face together. My other advice is also to remember to set your priorities, have a clear plan of daily actions and be kind to yourself when you don’t cross every item off your to do list. Tomorrow is another day.

Thanks so much Ros for sharing your behind the scenes stories and advice! 

For more information about McDonald Surveys’ Dilapidation Services, check out our information webpage or get in touch with Ros.

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