The Rail Network is considered as a key operational lifeline, not least for mining and other commercial purposes where the safe and efficient transportation of goods and materials happens at large scale on a daily basis.

In order to maintain safety and security of such goods and materials, frequent inspection of tracks are essential. Statistics indicate that major derailments happen largely due to human failure or infrequent and inadequate monitoring systems. Advancement in technology – including that which it utilised by McDonald Surveys – has increased the use of smart monitoring system in railways. This technology has helped achieve cost effective solutions with a higher level of performance which is often times unattainable through human inspection alone.

Keeping track of movement during works is just one of a number of critical factors where our expertise is brought into play to assist clients.

We can advise and execute monitoring programmes for projects of varying types, often overcoming complex issues to provide smart solutions in this area of activity.

 With experienced leadership, qualified talent and applied technology, we can blend and adapt to whatever is asked of us

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