Precise surveys are integral to the success of road construction projects. Accessing vital data and reporting into the land features, elevations, location of below-surface services and other physical risks ensures that clients have absolute confidence in their projects.

Without comprehensive and smart data, road projects can lack important safety in pre-planning and construction. McDonald Surveys implement complete smart site solutions and dilapidation processes to ensure that all client projects run smoothly.

Planning is as important as the process

Scope and planning provides insight for both client and surveyor. The period of planning is vital to the overall project. Surveyors should be involved in the early stages of the project to ensure the project is set up for success.

Since every project is different, surveyors are a valuable part of any construction project.

The optimal road surveying approach can be split into two areas: a road or freeway survey control network and a connected site solution.

This includes a control network that incorporates accuracy, technological advancement and high-tier equipment and a connected site solution, meaning that the site is connected and incorporates communication and operational technology. This comprises of aspects such as Wireless Internet or IBSS, VisionLink, Reporting 3D Data, and other connected technologies.

Dilapidation surveys

Any successful project integrates exhaustive dilapidation surveys. McDonald Surveys enact comprehensive dilapidation surveys through our proprietary technology Inspective, combined with 2D photographic technology to identify existing defects. Inspective incorporates stakeholder liaison, accurate asset reporting and financial risk mitigation in one centralised place.

After usage of 2D photographic technology and our software Inspective, we then offer an immediate post-survey professional assessment of the overall risk level presented by the road asset and road asset owner.

Overall, dilapidation surveys prevent clients from facing high rehabilitation costs, unwanted financial outlay and any negative media coverage. This is all backed by project audit trails through Inspective.

Precise and comprehensive surveys are an absolute necessity for the health and wellbeing of our roads and those who commute on them. A combination of smart dilapidation surveying, innovative technologies and adequate planning ensures the project’s ultimate success.

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