Working with the wider community is core to any surveying project, especially where residential properties are impacted. This involves communicating with asset owners to ensure their property and its surroundings are respected during nearby construction or development works.

At McDonald Surveys, we collaborate with owners and the community as a whole to ensure that all surveys have minimised impact for maximum project success.

Community liaison

All McDonald Surveys surveyors are trained to deliver high standards of community communication and safety in all surveying activities.

This involves attending community liaison meetings to ensure that a communicative relationship is established prior to entering homes for surveying purposes. This ensures a strong relationship between our clients and the community stakeholders and helps homeowners to stay informed of the project’s progress.

A key part of our surveying work with the community involves our dilapidation software platform Inspective.

Inspective – end-to-end management and communication of dilapidation surveys

One of the features of our Inspective cloud platform is a stakeholder communication facility. Portals can be launched within Inspective, on a project by project basis. These are used as one of the primary tools to communicate with all property owners in the construction zone of influence. Owners can login and access useful project information.

This may include details such as the benefits of the project to the area, length of time the project will take, and the areas potentially impacted.

This information is updated as the project progresses or as per client requirements to ensure that the latest information is always available and easily accessible.

Inspective also has an online appointment booking system, which enables owners to choose a variety of dates and times for the survey to take place, at their convenience.

The importance of community

McDonald Surveys recognises the utmost importance of community collaboration in executing major projects and residential surveys. By incorporating the community in the process, we ensure that everybody involved is safe, comfortable, involved, and informed.

During the early stages of any project, we ensure that all data is carefully validated, providing a single source of truth, before it is distributed to the community. This ensures that community stakeholders have access to reliable, up-to-date information.

McDonald Surveys is the go-to surveyor in Western Australia and we have become so by involving community members in the process and reducing the impact of surveying on both clients and owners. You can find out more about Inspective here or contact us here for more information.


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