The rail surveying sector is becoming digital. In recent years, the surveying space has become more invested in technological advancements to meet the demand for improved efficiency.

McDonald Surveys has always been dedicated to implementing the most advanced and efficient technology and approach. We recognised that there was a need for quicker, smarter surveying – and so we rose to meet that challenge.

The Rio Tinto rail surveying project

McDonald Surveys began the partnership with Rio Tinto in early 2018 in the form of a pre-construction project. After its successful completion, Rio further engaged McDonald Surveys for ongoing support on their Iron Ore rail construction works in the Pilbara. These construction works occur during night and daytime shutdowns in high temperatures and time-pressured environments.

Rio Tinto possesses an extensive rail network which transports iron ore in the Pilbara. This rail network consists of approximately 1700km of mainline and yard track. In 2019, Rio undertook track renewal works to solve several track issues identified in certain sections along the mainline.

This involved significant preparation on behalf of McDonald Surveys, and included setting out of critical assets, high-precision Supersite camera equipment, checking and verifying subgrade ballast capping levels, and setting up Optical UPS and GPS-guided machine controls on graders and dozers. McDonald Surveys is utilizing a combination of optical surveying and satellite-based radio-navigational surveying for the project. Our surveying expertise allows us to adapt based on any situation.

In-house innovation

We are also pursuing innovation with our own in-house dilapidation service delivery solution, Inspective. We always attain for higher, better service through experienced leadership and innovative technology. This means implementing ground-breaking tech such as 3D visualizations and the GEDO Vorsys system. McDonald Surveys aims to optimize future maintenance through rail measurement, track design optimization, smart data and accomplished track works.

We are always dedicated to the safety and satisfaction of our clients and staff. That’s why we use the best applicable technology to ensure safer and efficient surveying.

To find out more about our project with Rio, click here, or to find out more about our rail expertise, head over here.

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