• Condition Surveys

Condition Surveys

What is a Condition Survey?

Before any construction work commences next to a structure or property, it is important that a thorough and impartial condition report is carried out. This ensures the condition of all properties within the construction impact zone is captured.

McDonald Surveys has developed a new technology called Eideticam, to capture the condition of residential and commercial premises accurately in minimal time. This technology uses a combination of spherical imagery and Eideticam fieldworks digital reporting. The result is a comprehensive and versatile report that can be viewed by our clients within minutes of leaving the premises.

What does the survey entail?

The survey report is carried out by a qualified Scene Surveyor. Our Scene Surveyors capture the condition of a property using the digital report system and spherical images. All photographs of damage or anomalies are agreed on site, by the owner or resident. Typically, a 2-3-bedroom house will take one hour to complete. This report provides our clients with accurate, irrefutable evidence of the condition, which has been approved by all parties prior to construction. If a report is required post construction, side by side comparisons of damage can be provided and once again agreed by the property owner.


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